My name is Meghan Grimbert and I was born and raised in the Village of Miami Shores, Florida. From a young age I was always attracted to the idea of expression through design. As a child, teen and young adult this manifested itself through fashion, which led me to get an education in fashion design.

I went to Iona College, just outside New York City, which led to an internship with Zac Posen right out of school. Following my internship, I pursued a masters degree in fashion design in Italy, where I met my now husband. Once I had my masters degree in hand, I landed a job in the fashion capital of the world- Paris.

While I loved living in cities like New York, Florence & Paris- home was calling. After two years in Paris, my husband and I moved back to Miami and started our family here. At the same time, my love of design expanded from clothing and fashion, to interior design. This led to me and my husband purchasing and flipping homes in the Miami Shores neighborhood.

Meghan's Patio-28.jpg