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How to Choose the Right White Paint for Every Space

Our Favorite White Paint Colors and How We Use Them

White paints are not created equal, which can make choosing a white paint surprisingly tough! The nuances of undertones, finish, and tones drastically impact the end result.

At Meghan Grimbert Design, we’re passionate about every step of the design process from the conceptual design to finishing touches. Today, we’re bringing you into the design process with a sneak peek at how we choose the perfect white for each project.

Contemporary Coastal House

Chantilly Lace as seen in The Dapper House

What We Consider

Choosing the correct white color for your project can help tie together all of the most thoughtful details of your space. We asked head designer Meghan to share what she takes into account when she’s selecting the right color for her clients.

“Firstly, it depends on our client’s aesthetic or the interior design style they’re looking for. For modern homes, I tend to choose very clean and crisp white. The more traditional the home, the more I gravitate towards warmer tones of white.”

She also considers the natural light in a space. “If you’re comparing samples in a space, try the colors you’re considering on several different walls.” Because light and shadow vary throughout a space and throughout the day, you can get an idea of how a color looks if you try the same color in a few different spots. “We also make sure we consider your floor color and material when you select the perfect white.”

And her tip for avoiding a common pitfall? Avoid color matching paints. “I have seen companies try to do this, but all brands will have different base colors. If you bring a color from one brand and color match it with another, it will never be a 100% match to the sample you brought.”


No. 1: Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove is a warmer white that has a creamy grey undertone. This creates a soft, calming effect without looking too yellow, which can feel dated. We recommend this color in spaces with lots of natural light for a brighter feel!

White Dove as seen in Coastal Casa


No. 2: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is a warm white. While it has creamy yellow undertones, this color picks up ever-so-slight green undertones to balance it and avoid an aged feel. It pairs beautifully with other creamy tones and golden hues.

White Dove as seen in Coastal Casa


No. 3: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a neutral white that is one of the brightest in a space! Because it has no noticeable undertone, it is neither cool nor warm, so it responds well to the colors in its surroundings.

Chantilly Lace as seen in The Dapper House


No. 4: Benjamin Moore Oxford White

This slightly warm white is one of our favorites for trim and millwork. Its subtle grey undertone balances the warmth to create a fresh, clean and modern white. It is neutral enough to compliment both warm and cool colors well.

Oxford White as seen in The Modern Farmhouse


No. 5: Benjamin Moore Simply White

This neutral white is a safe choice for almost any surface- ceilings, cabinetry, trim, etc. Because it's neutral, it looks warm when paired with warm tones, and cool when paired with cool tones.

Simply White as seen in Retro House Upgrade


No. 6: Benjamin Moore Super White

This neutral white is a safe choice for almost any surface- ceilings, cabinetry, trim, etc. Because it's neutral, it reflects warmth when paired with warm tones, and feels cool when paired with cool tones.

Super White as seen in Miami Shores Contemporary

So how does our design team suggest you make the final call? “Go with your gut,” Meghan says. “With these go-to paint colors, I’m sure they’ll look amazing in your home.”

Ready to choose the perfect color? Don’t forget to download our White Paint Guide with a bonus breakdown on how to choose the right paint finish. Do you have different go-to white or any questions? Leave a comment below!

MGD Paint & Finish Guide
Download • 96KB

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